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The BeRamp series is designed to perfectly adapt your rubber tiles to a specific area and provide a smooth transition and prevent potential problems for users.

BeRamp Rubber Ramp

Our BeRamp rubber tiles have been designed for making the edges of a rubber floor area less dangerous. No matter if it is Crossfit Box, a Fitness hall, a Bodybuilding gym, or other sport center, these ramps will solve the problem of a rubber floor area that doesn´t finish on a wall. Also, they will allow wheeled vehicles to get on and off the rubber floor area easily.  This product intends to protect the integrity but also to add functionality.

BeRamp Usage area;

  • Avoiding to stumble to the tile rubber edges,
  • To provide an aesthetic appearance in front of the doors,
  • To ensure easy removal of loads to be carried on the floor,

BeRamp is produced in 2 different colors: black and grey.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 



23x100 cm


20 mm - 5 mm

Color Options:


Top Surface:

Porous, Soft, Smooth

Bottom Surface:



60 ± 3 Shore A

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