BeCross Fire

BeCross Fire series provides excellent shock absorption and higher sound insulation regarding other rubber tiles. In addition, its top layer with 100% new EPDM offers superior fire resistance.

BeCross Fire 100x100 cm fireproof rubber tile

Thanks to its new EPDM surface, it offers a more aesthetic and durable floor. In addition to all the features of BeCross Pro, it offers extra features provided by the EPDM surface.

Crossfit Floor Requirements met by BeCross Fire:

  • To provide ergonomic and shock absorption flooring for the protection of the athletes´ joints.
  • To have anti-slip features and minimize the risk of slipping and other injuries for the users.
  • To ensure that the equipment used is not damaged so replacement costs are comntained.
  • To prevent floor damage due to high impacts and keep repair costs to a minimum.
  • To meet with a single surface the needs for different training methods.
  • To reduce the initial costs by keeping the installation cost to a very low level.
  • To provide vibration and sound isolation in high buildings so users can enjoy sports in a less noisy environment.
  • To offer different color options.
  • To guarantee maximum Fire resistance: C Class fire resistance according to EN13501.
  •  To be more flexible and offer a softer surface.

Choose BeCross Fire tiles if you want to get the safest and best solution for your indoor gym. 

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 

Indoor Area


100x100 cm


18mm SBR + 2mm EPDM

Color Options:

Red / Blue / Gray / Dark Gray

Top Surface:

Porous, Soft, Smooth

Bottom Surface:

Straight, with drainage channel


950-980 kg/m3


23kg (20mm)


60 ± 3 Shore A

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