BeGreen Active

You can carry different types of exercises on top of these tiles and they are a very versatile solution for indoor use with BeGreen Active.

BeGreen Active Rubber Tile With Artificial Turf

BEKA RUBBER introduces a new concept in rubber tiles: BeGreen. These tiles bring together a superb combination: the aesthetic result provided by artificial turf along with the soft feeling of a rubber tile. 
BeGreen Active tiles are intended for outdoor or indoor use. You can carry different types of exercises on top of these tiles and they are a very versatile solution for indoor use too. 

Outdoor versatility

The artificial turf used for our BeGreen Active tiles is a UV-treated material intended for long-term use, with color stability properties. Real turf, on the other hand, means ongoing maintenance costs that can drive up the long-term cost of the area. Forget about fertilizing or watering costs.

BeGreen Active tiles also offer thermal insulation properties, which is particularly helpful when you install them over concrete on terraces and especially on rooftops. 
On the other hand, these tiles are water-permeable and they have drainage channels on the underside, so you will not face any problems in case of rain. 

DIY Installation

You can install BeGreen Active tiles on your own, saving you time and money. Thanks to our new cold mold process,  BeGreen Active rubber tiles are 100x100 cm in size and you will not need any professional help to apply them on the ground. These tiles are heavy enough so you don´t need any connecting systems for placing them next to each other. At the same time, they are easy to cut with a utility knife if they need further adjusting to the area. 

You can remove them as needed or even replace one or more tiles if they get damaged, without having to replace large sections of the area. In addition, if you decide that you need a larger space, you can increase the size of the surface simply by adding more tiles like these.

Even if there is a single tile damaged, you can replace that one tile, and there is absolutely no need to worry about the staff time and overall expenses that mowing, watering, and general maintenance will require. Plus, you can always count on their color homogeny.

Feature Value

Usage Area: 



100 x 100 cm


15 + 25mm

Color Options:

Black + Green

Top Surface:

Artificial Turf

Bottom Surface:

Flat / Grooved, with drainage channel


750-780 kg/m3


19 kg


55 ± 3 Shore A

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