Auxiliary products for Indoor and Outdoor

Auxiliary products for Indoor and Outdoor

In this category you will find information related to rubber adhesive, rubber corners and rubber ramps used for making a perfect application of rubber tiles and rubber rolls. 

Auxiliary Products
  • Astroturf

    Our Astro Turf for sports halls is a smart decision. Modern gyms and Fitness halls are no loger limited to classic weights and machines. These indoor facilities give us the opportunity for different training methods and offer many collective activities.

    Besides rubber flooring, that can be applied for both classical weights and machines, thanks to our Astro turf you can create a space that gives a very different overall look to your floor. Using the correc...

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  • BeRamp

    Our BeRamp rubber tiles have been designed for making the edges of a rubber floor area less dangerous. No matter if it is Crossfit Box, a Fitness hall, a Bodybuilding gym, or other sport center, these ramps will solve the problem of a rubber floor area that doesn´t finish on a wall. Also, they will allow wheeled vehicles to get on and off the rubber floor area easily.  This product intends to protect the integrity but also to add functionality.


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  • BeCorner

    BeCorner is a product designed for the edges of rubber tiles laid on the floor. No matter if it is Crossfit, Fitness, Bodybuilding, or other sport halls, a good rubber installation means solving the problem of the height difference between floor types. In addition, these corners enable wheeled vehicles to access the rubber floor. This product has been designed not only to protect the integrity but also to add functionality.

    BeCorner properties:

  • Tatami

    In a gymnastics hall, a Karate Dojo or any other martial arts traning facility, a MMA training center and other indoor sports halls, Tatami mats are the most adecquate floor. These mats offer flexbility and a very soft surface, avoiding any injuries for the athletes. Their 2 different color surfaces provide an easy pattern and determine areas easily. 

    Tatami mats have the following features:

  • Adhesive

    For long-term use, when we aim for maximum safety and durability of our rubber floor, it is required to glue rubber tiles and rubber tiles to the floor. Using the right adhesive is also crucial. As Beka Rubber, we designed our Rubber adhesive to meet the right properties for this kind of applications:

    • It is a 2 component polyurethane-based adhesive.
    • It does not flow.
    • It is highly adhesive.
    • It ...

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