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2 component PU-based adhesive used to make rubber products more stable.

Rubber and Artificial Turf Adhesive

For long-term use, when we aim for maximum safety and durability for our rubber flooring rolls or artificial turf rolls, it is highly recommended using adhesive.

Using the right adhesive is also crucial. Beka Rubber offers a 2 component Rubber adhesive known for its excellent adhesion, high mechanical properties and good chemical resistance.

Advantages of BEKA RUBBER 2 component adhesive:

* Strong bonding to heighten durability.

* Better chemical resistance compared to one-component polyurethane adhesives.

* Quick cure speed to improve efficiency.

* Does not contain solvents.

* Fireproof.

* Very resistant to external weather conditions.

* Resistant to extreme cold and heat conditions.

* High abrasion resistance and tear strength.

* Resistant to moisture, water, and most chemicals.

* 12 month shelf life without opening the package.

Download our 2 component adhesive TDS file for detailed information about its properties

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 

Indoor and Outdoor


22 kg (Comp. A) + 3 kg (Comp. B)

Package 2:

10,5 kg (Comp. A) + 2 kg (Comp. B)

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