BeGreen Grass Tiles
BeGreen Max

BeGreen Max is our high endurance BEGREEN option for sleds and very demanding exercises, both indoor and outdoor.

BeGreen Max artificial turf with rubber tile

BeGreen MAX is the third option among BEGREEN series. These tiles bring together a high class combination: very high density monofilament artificial turf and the outstanding impact absorption of a 20mm rubber tile.

BeGreen MAX are the tiles intended for heavier exercises either outdoors or indoors. You can perform different types of exercises on top of these tiles, including sled training, sprint training, free weight, etc.


Top Versatility

The artificial turf used for our BeGreen MAX tiles is a UV-treated high quality yarn intended for very long-term use, with long term color stability. Its high density ensures higher durability and many sport centers and commercial gyms choose this product to create a high performance zone. 

BeGreen MAX tiles also offer thermal insulation as well as sound insulation, which is particularly helpful when you install them in places where sound absorption is imperative.


DIY Installation

You can place BeGreen MAX rubber tiles on your own, saving you time and money.

Manufactured through our cold mold process, BeGreen MAX rubber tiles are 98 x 98cm and you will not need any professional help for placing them in the desired area. Plus, these tiles are heavy enough so you don´t need any connecting systems for placing them one next to each other. At the same time, they are easily cut with a utility knife if they need further adjusting to the area.

You can also remove them at will or even replace one if eventually any of them gets damaged, without having to replace large sections of the area. In addition, if you decide that you need a larger space, you can increase the size of the surface simply by adding more tiles like these.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 

Outdoor / Indoor


988 x 988 mm


20 mm + 20 mm

Turf Color Options:

Brick Red / Blue


Artificial Turf, 100% PE

Turf Properties:

11.000 Dtex, Monofilament


22 kg


55 ± 3 Shore A

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