Beka Sprint Track
Beka Sprint Track GAME (2m X 10m)

Beka Sprint Track Game (2m x 10m) designed specifically for Fitness centers has been designed for a wide range of exercises.

Beka Sprint Track GAME (2m X 10m)

Our Beka Sprint Track GAME brings a new approach to artificial turf areas in commercial gyms and professional Fitness centers Designed in order to be versatile it will grant you many hours of efficient training.

Thanks to our Beka Sprint Track GAME you will create an envidiable space that will give you a very different overall look to your flooring.

Using the correct artificial turf product is imperative for this kind of product. Its high density polyamide yarn (instead of the usual polyethilene) makes this roll the ideal solution for those looking for a smart solution for their high performance area.

The artificial turf for an indoor commercial gym must be strong, reliable and very resistant. A surface that requires very little maintenance and is very easy to clean.

Beka Sprint Track GAME is mainly used in Fitness centers where Functional Training is their usual training method. 

Beka Sprint Track GAME features:

  • Sled pushing and pulling training up to 250kg.
  • Ideal for endurance training.
  • Optimum solution for fast return or acceleration practice training.
  • Superb flooring surface for rehabilitation centers.

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Feature Value




200 x1000 cm

Pile Height:







2,25 kg/m2



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