Rubber products suitable for indoor use

Rubber products suitable for indoor use

Products manufactured to be used in indoor areas and to meet specifically floor requirements for Crossfit Box, fitness halls, gyms, and weightlifting centers are listed under this category.

BEKA RUBBER manufactures rubber tiles and rubber rolls that comply with all the demanding features expected from a floor which is suitable for a Crossfit Box, a Fitness center, etc.  Special surfaces, isolation of the airborne sound, impact sound absorption, increased abrasion resistance, and other features make our rubber products the best choice for those looking for the best option. Either you are a professional or an amateur athlete, our rubber flooring will cover your highest expectations.

  • BeFit Zero

    Fitness halls flooring should have features to meet even the most diverse demands. It should be durable, with sound and noise absorption properties, and be good looking. Our Befit Zero tiles are a versatile sports hall flooring product used in sports halls, sports clubs, and other sports facilities in many parts of the world, especially for fitness.

    Our Befit Zero rubber tiles provide a unique level of wear resistance and flexibility. Than...

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  • BeFit Pro

    When choosing a rubber flooring for a commercial gym, a Fitness center, or a Crossfit Box, it is very important to make the right choice for better long-term results. Our BEFIT SERIES, manufactured through our unique COLD PROCESS TECHNOLOGY bring new standards for rubber flooring.

    After Befit Zero, BEKA RUBBER increases its range of COLD MOLD production with BeFit Pro, a 100x100c...

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  • BeFit Pro Flex

    Demanding users know very well that you cannot start a house from the roof. Proper rubber flooring is required in order to build a professional gym. In this regard, it is very important to select a product with very good long-term results. 
    Our BeFit Pro Flex, manufactured through our unique COLD PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, brings peace of mind for professional gym owners and offers increased performance. 

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  • BeFit Zero Flecks

    BeFit Zero Flecks is a brand new rubber floor choice for sports halls. If you are looking for a durable floor, with better sound and noise absorption properties and a superior aesthetic result, you just found it. 

    Our BeFit Zero Flecks rubber tiles contain 20% EPDM new granules. Produced by BEKA RUBBER under our BeFit Zero series "Zero tolerance" motto,  it is the preferred rubber floor for Fitness cent...

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  • BePlatform

    As a result of weightlifting exercises or heavy equipment dropped by athletes, many problems can happen in these places related with bodybuilding and Crossfit halls. These are the most frequent problems:

    • Damages to the subbase floor.
    • Damages to the equipment used.
    • Risk of injury to the athletes as a result of uncontrolled movement of the equipment after hitting the ground.
    • Disputes with neighbors related to annoying noises from barbells and w...

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