BeCross Pro

Feel what is like to have a professional sports hall surface. BeCross Pro tiles offer all the protection you need.

BeCross Pro 100x100 sports rubber floor

Crossfit floors need a floor that can provide more features than the usual floors in fitness centers. Here are some of the features of our Crossfit product, BeCross Pro which meet most demanding properties for a Crossfit Box floor:

Crossfit Floor Requests met by Becross Pro tiles:

  • To provide ergonomy and shock absorption properties for protecting the joints of the athletes.
  • To have anti-slip features in order to minimize the risk of slipping and other injuries.
  • To ensure that the equipment used is not damaged so you can minimize the cost of a necessary replacement.
  • To prevent damages to the base floor from heavy impacts and keep repair costs to a minimum.
  • To offer a single surface that provides the possibility of different training methods.
  • To reduce the initial costs by keeping the installation costs at a very low level.
  • To provide vibration and sound isolation in high buildings so users enjoy their favorite exercises in a less noisy environment.

Our BeCross Pro tiles are the most suitable floor for a professional Crossfit Box thanks to all the features mentioned above. In addition, our BeCross Pro tiles also offer:

  • A good looking floor.
  • An easy to clean floor.
  • More resistance to friction.

Our BeCross Pro tiles have gone through friction resistance tests, sound insulation tests, sound absorption tests and fire resistance tests. Meet the product everyone is talking about.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 



100x100 cm


20mm / 25mm / 30mm / 40mm

Color Options:


Top Surface:

Porous, Soft, Smooth

Bottom Surface:

Straight, with drainage channel


950-980 kg/m3


18 kg (20 mm) / 23 kg (25 mm) / 27 kg (30 mm) / 36 kg (40 mm)


60 ± 3 Shore A

Tolerance (Dimensions / Thickness):

0,8% / 1,5%

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