BeFit Pro Flecks

BeFit Pro Flecks rubber tiles are designed to protect the main floor from heavy objects used in barbell areas and Crossfit Boxes.

BeFit Pro Flecks 100x100cm with EPDM flecks

Are you looking for rubber flooring able to protect the joints of the athletes? Do you want it to be ergonomic and to provide shock absorption?

Are you looking for aa anti-slip flooring that minimizes the risk of injuries?  Would you like to prevent equipment and floor damages so you can keep repair costs to a minimum and keep your equipment safe?

In addition to all these properties, if you want to have nicer aesthetic appearance but not too pricy, the product you are looking for is our BeFit Pro Flecks series.

These rubber tiles are among our best selling products for sports halls and Fitness centers.

BeFit Pro Flecks  offer a powerful combination: the shock absorption of a high density rubber tile (17mm) and the stylish finishing of a rubber roll with 15% EPDM flecks in different colors. Plus, since these tiles are manufactured through our COLD MOLD production method, they will surprise you for their many other advantages:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Resistant to abrasion and friction.
  • 100% safe for the users.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • The lowest tolerance in dimensions 0,2% in the market.
  • Abrasion resistance under 0,28mg.

Checked constantly in our own laboratory, when you select these tiles for your flooring, you know you are making a wise choice.

If you need an elegant yet strong flooring for a Crossfit Box, a commercial gym, a personal training center, or a Fitness center, you should get in contact with us or with our nearest branch through our contact form or contact info.

Feature Value

Usage Area: 



100x100 cm


17 mm SBR + 3 mm SBR roll with EPDM Flecks

Color Options:

Black + Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Grey EPDM flecks 

Top Surface:

Slightly porous, Soft, Smooth

Bottom Surface:

Straight, with drainage channel


950-980 kg/m3


18 kg (20 mm)


60 ± 3 Shore A

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