BeFit Pro Flex

BeFit Pro Flex, a 100x100cm rubber tile for all those gym owners who want to have the very best ratio quality-cost. 

BeFit Pro Flex 100x100 cm gym rubber flooring

Demanding users know very well that you cannot start a house from the roof. Proper rubber flooring is required in order to build a professional gym. In this regard, it is very important to select a product with very good long-term results. 
Our BeFit Pro Flex, manufactured through our unique COLD PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, brings peace of mind for professional gym owners and offers increased performance. 

BEKA RUBBER´s COLD MOLD TECHNOLOGY goes one step further in rubber tiles with its new rubber tile: BeFit Pro Flex, a 100x100cm rubber tile for all those gym owners who want to have the very best ratio quality-cost. 

Why BeFit Pro Flex?
•    As a cold processed rubber tile, tolerances in dimensions and thickness are less than 0,05%.
•    Higher shock absorption regarding flat low-density tiles, for protecting the joints of the athletes.
•    Minimum risk of slipping and other injuries.
•    Prevent damages to your sub-base floor from heavy impacts and keep repair costs to a minimum.
•    Keep your equipment safe so you can minimize the costs and avoid unnecessary replacements.
•    Offer a single surface that provides the possibility of different training methods.
•    Reduce the initial costs by keeping the installation costs at a minimum level due to its quick installation.
•    Provide vibration and sound isolation in high buildings so users enjoy their favorite exercises in a less noisy environment.

BeFit Pro Flex rubber mats are one of the most suitable rubber floorings for a professional Crossfit Box thanks to all the features mentioned above. In addition, our BeFit Pro Flex tiles also offer:
•    A smoother flooring.
•    An easy cleaning floor.
•    Higher resistance to friction.
•    Higher impact absorption.

BeFit Pro Flex rubber tiles complete the BeFit series. BEKA RUBBER´s cold process delivers better results without resulting in a much higher economic cost.
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Feature Value




100x100 cm


20mm / 25mm / 30mm




Porous, soft, smooth

Bottom Surface:

Straight, with drainage channel


950-980 kg/m3


18 kg (20 mm) / 23 kg (25 mm) / 27 kg (30 mm)


60 ± 3 Shore A

Tolerance (Dimensions / Thickness)

 %0,05 / %0,05

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