BeFit Pro XTRA

BeFit Pro X-TRA, a new approach to high performance rubber flooring with a superb surface.

BeFit Pro X-TRA

BeFit Pro X-TRA offers a superb combination for a DO IT ALL flooring.

It is an enviromental-friendly rubber tile with all the properties needed for demanding places: anti-slip, anti-bacterial, flameproof, waterproof, easy-to-clean and extremely durable.

Due to its superb mechanical properties, you will be able to install a whole system by itself with just one product.

BeFit Pro X-TRA solves the usual equation we face when we need to select the proper flooring for a high traffic area where there are very demanding conditions. Outstanding energy restitution and increased sound insulation for commercial gyms. Discover the tile that offers the whole package.

Suitable for high traffic areas and lighter weights areas (up to 30-40kg).

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Feature Value




100 x100 cm

Thickness / Weight:

20 mm (18 mm + 2 mm) - 20 kg / m2



Dimensional stability:

≤ 0.25% (EN ISO 23999)

Abrasion resistance:

Group T

Commercial use:

Class 34 (EN ISO 10874)

Slip resistance (ramp test):

R9 (DIN51130)

Residual indentation

Typical value: 

≤ 0.10 mm (EN ISO 24343-1)

~ 0.03 mm

Colour fastness to light: 

≥ 7 (EN ISO 105-B02/ method 3)

Indoor Air Emissions: TVOC after 28 days: 

≤ 0.01 mg/m3 (EN 16516)

Resistance to chemicals: 

Very good (EN ISO 26987)


Ø 10mm

Use in wet areas: 

YES (EN 13553)

Bacteria resistance: 

Does not support growth (EN ISO 846)

Electrical behavior (antistatic): 

≤ 2.0 kV

Castor chair continuous use: 

Pass (ISO 4918)

Residual indentation

~ 0.02 mm

Reaction to fire

Bfl -s1, L, CS (EN 13501-1)

Thermal conductivity

0.25 W/mK (EN 12524)

Body voltage

≤ 2.0 kV (EN 1815)

Slip resistance

µ ≥ 0.30 (EN 13893)

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