BeFit Zero

If you want to choose the best floor for your sport area, your Fitness center or your Crossfit Box, meet our BeFit Zero series.

BeFit Zero Black 50x100cm Fitness rubber flooring

Fitness flooring must be very versatile: durable, safe, aesthetic, abrasion resistant, shock-absorbing capable, anti-slip, able to offer airborne and impact sound insulation, etc. Our Befit Zero rubber tiles are a revolutionary product in its kind: our COLD MOLD production technique ensures outstanding results for commercial Fitness centers.

Manufactured through our unique COLD MOLD process, these tiles guarantee ZERO tolerances in dimensions, making installations easier and faster.

BeFit Zero series provides an environmentally friendly solution for sport centers and they are suitable both for professional and amateur use.

Beka Rubber's BeFit Zero rubber tiles offer different thicknesses for your commercial gym. Thanks to these options, it provides both high performance and a superior abrasion resistance constantly checked in our own laboratory.

Test Reports

BeFit Zero tiles are certified for friction resistance, sound insulation, sound absorption, abrasion resistance and fire resistance. Plus, they have been tested for something even more important: users’ safety. These tiles have been tested for PAH and SVHC chemicals. When the tiles are on your floor, you know you can have peace of mind.

If you need rubber flooring for your Fitness center, contact us or our nearest distributor through our contact form or contact info.

Feature Value




50 x100 cm (± 2mm)


15mm / 20mm (± 1mm)




Slightly porous, soft, smooth


950-970 kg/m3


14,5 kg (15 mm) / 18,5 kg (20 mm)


67 ± 3 Shore A

Abrasion Resistance

0,34 - 0,44 mg (ISO 5740-1:2016)

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