BeFit Zero Flecks

BeFit Zero Flecks is the choice for those looking for a durable and better looking floor in professional sports halls.

BeFit Zero Flecks 50x100 sports hall rubber floor

BeFit Zero Flecks is a brand new rubber floor choice for sports halls. If you are looking for a durable floor, with better sound and noise absorption properties and a superior aesthetic result, you just found it. 

Our BeFit Zero Flecks rubber tiles contain 20% EPDM new granules. Produced by BEKA RUBBER under our BeFit Zero series "Zero tolerance" motto,  it is the preferred rubber floor for Fitness centers. Since its introduction in December 2019, it immediately became one of the products preferred by sport center owners worldwide.

BeFit Zero Flecks tiles are suitable both for professional and amateur use.

Its shock-absorbing features ensure a safe training, while its slip-resistant surface protects against injuries in training areas.

There are different thicknesses and color options for your Befit Zero Flecks tiles. Thanks to these options, these rubber tiles offer both higher performance and a better aesthetic appearance for sports hall floors.

Test Reports

Our products have certifications related to friction resistance, abrasion resistance, sound insulation, sound absorption and fire resistance.

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Feature Value




50 x100 cm (± 2mm)


20mm  (± 1mm)


Black - EPDM Color Options


Slightly porous, soft, smooth


950-980 kg/m3


18 kg (20 mm)


60 ± 3 Shore A

Abrasion Resistance: 

0,34 - 0,44 mg (ISO 5740-1:2016)

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