BePlatform 50x50cm rubber tiles for weightlifting

BePlatform 50x50cm rubber tiles for weightlifting

Weightlifting is a must for many commercial gyms. For this kind of exercises, where athletes drop quite heavy equipment, you need very high density rubber tiles with substantial thickness in order to avoid possible problems. Among these:

* Damages for your equipment.

* Damages to the subbase floor.

* Possible injuries for the athletes as a result of uncontrolled movement of the equipment after hitting the ground.

* Disputes with neighbors related to annoying noises from barbells and weights being dropped to the floor.

Our BePlatform rubber tiles have been designed and manufactured to minimize these problems. These rubber tiles are the proper solution for heavyweight platforms, weight training areas, etc.

BePlatform tile rubber has 2 different thickness options: 40mm and 50mm.

Get your BePlatform rubber tiles today. Get in contact with us or with our nearest distributor and discover why these rubber tiles are present in many weightlifting areas in gyms and Crossfit boxes all over the world.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 



50x50 cm (± 1mm)


40mm / 50mm (± 3mm)

Color Options:


Top Surface:

Porous, Soft, Smooth


950-980 kg/m3


34 kg (40 mm) / 42 kg (50 mm)


60 ± 3 Shore A

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