BeRamp is a tile designed to perfectly adapt your rubber tiles to a specific area and provide a smooth transition while preventing potential problems for users.

BeRamp Rubber Ramp

Our BeRamp rubber tiles have been designed for offering both protection and functionality. Think of a quite common situation: rubber tiles not going from wall to wall. Every time we want to lay down rubber tiles over an specific area and we want them to stay still, we can use Beramp tiles in order to create a fixing point for the rubber tile area.

Plus, Beramp tiles will create a smoother transition from another area with less thickness into a bigger thickness area, allowing also wheeled vehicles to get on and off that area easily.  

BeRamp properties:

  • Avoid tripping with rubber tile edges.
  • Provide a better appearance in front of the doors.
  • Ensure easier transportation from and to a rubber tile zone.

BeRamp can be manufactured in 2 different colors, black and grey, and they are the ideal companion for Befit Pro and Befit Zero tiles in 20mm or 25mm.

In order to get more details about our BeRamp tiles, you can get in contact with us or with our nearest branch through our contact form or our contact details in contact page.

Feature Value

Usage Area: 



23x100 cm


25 mm - 5 mm / 20 mm - 5 mm

Color Options:



Porous, Soft, Smooth


920-950 kgs/m3


60 ± 3 Shore A

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