Other products for Indoor and Outdoor

Other products for Indoor and Outdoor

In this category you will find information related to rubber adhesive and rubber ramps used for achieving a perfect installation of our rubber tiles and rubber rolls. 

Other Products
  • Anti-Fatigue Pad

    Are anti-fatigue mats a good investment for my business?

    In a word, yes. Remember how you felt after walking around an amusement park all day? Re­member your aching back, legs and ankles after hours on concrete? Your employees may be experiencing this every day.

    According to a new productivity study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), November 12, 2003 - Vol. 290, No. 18: “Lost productivity from common...

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  • Anti-Vibration Pad

    Suitable for house­hold treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, exercise bikes and other exercise equipment, can also be used for washing machines and other household appliances, table cabinets and other furniture.

    It prevents slipping, vibration and prolongs the service life of the tool, it is also compatible with most electrical ap­pliances such as water dispensers. It can also be used on the feet of air compressors that vibrate during operation, and in the instal­...

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  • Equipment Mat

    As an alternative to our anti-vibration mats, you can always use our Equipment mat, specifically designed for indoor training machinery such as elliptical machines, rowing machines, exercise bikes and other exercise equipment.

    It is made of high-density material to protect all types of flooring from a possible risk from heavy equipment. Its moisture resistant properties allows easy cleaning with soap and water.

    It is made of recycled SBR rubber, so it can be also used for stand...

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  • Golf-Shooting Mat

    Made of high, PE yarn, it has the same density as the speed sled carpet in gyms.

    It is very resistant to high strength use. Plus, its 20mm high will give you the feeling of natural grass resistance.

    Our Golf Shooting mats come along with the plastic base for golf ball placement.

    Under the artificial turf upper layer, you will find a 20mm thick rubber tile suitable for outdoor use, in order to provide bigger comfort and longer use.

    Due to their 20kg weig...

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  • Landscape Deco 1x1m

    Our Landscape Artificial Grass product helps you to create an aesthetic area thanks to its appearance, very similar to natural grass. 

    Manufactured in 100x 100cm size, you can use it as a doormat in front of the door or create an area where your PET friend at home can relax. You can easily cover your balcony or terrace. Imagine a maintenance-free garden that you can set up very quickly, without any installation costs.

    Don't hesitate to contact us for more details ...

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  • Tatami

    In many Fitness centers, Sport halls, martial arts training centers, Karate Dojos and MMA training centers, Tatami mats are the most adecquate flooring. These mats offer flexbility and a very soft yet resistant surface, avoiding possible injuries for the athletes. Their 2 different color surface provides an easy pattern and allows you to delimitate areas easily. 

    Tatami mats have the following features:

  • Adhesive

    For long-term use, when we aim for maximum safety and durability for our rubber flooring rolls or artificial turf rolls, it is highly recommended using adhesive.

    Using the right adhesive is also crucial. Beka Rubber offers a 2 component Rubber adhesive known for its excellent adhesion, high mechanical properties and good chemical resistance.

    Advantages of BEKA RUBBER 2 component adhesive:

    * Strong bonding to heigh...

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