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Equipment Mat

Equipment Mats by Beka Rubber. Easy to use, it is an affordable yet versatile product.

Equipment Mat

As an alternative to our anti-vibration mats, you can always use our Equipment mat, specifically designed for indoor training machinery such as elliptical machines, rowing machines, exercise bikes and other exercise equipment.

It is made of high-density material to protect all types of flooring from a possible risk from heavy equipment. Its moisture resistant properties allows easy cleaning with soap and water.

It is made of recycled SBR rubber, so it can be also used for standing exercises such as rope jumping or plyometric exercises.

Its dimensions are 80cm x 180cm (4mm thickness). It comes rolled inside a cardboard box so it can be stored when not in use.

Available in black color at this moment. Soon enough, there will be the option of EPDM granules in diferent colors for those looking for a specific aesthetic result.

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Feature Value




80 x 180 cm


4 mm 



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