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Golf-Shooting Mat

Golf-Shooting Mat

Golf-Shooting Mat

Made of high, PE yarn, it has the same density as the speed sled carpet in gyms.

It is very resistant to high strength use. Plus, its 20mm high will give you the feeling of natural grass resistance.

Our Golf Shooting mats come along with the plastic base for golf ball placement.

Under the artificial turf upper layer, you will find a 20mm thick rubber tile suitable for outdoor use, in order to provide bigger comfort and longer use.

Due to their 20kg weight, it stands steadily on the ground, but can be removed and storaged whenever desired. Our product, a portable solution, will allow you to have a larger playground by joining some of them together, and they can be also used for many other activities.

Color options: Red / Blue

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 

Outdoor / Indoor


988 x 988 mm


20 mm + 20 mm

Turf Color Options:

Brick Red / Blue


Artificial Turf, 100% PE

Turf Properties:

11.000 Dtex, Monofilament


22 kg


55 ± 3 Shore A

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