Rubber products that can be used outdoors

Rubber products that can be used outdoors

This category includes all our products for outdoor exercise areas and playgrounds.

We design and manufacture rubber products resistant to abrasive weather conditions, as well as rubber products complying with critical fall height (HIC). BEKA RUBBER's factory offers different solutions for outdoor sport areas and playground safety flooring thanks to our special formulas developed over the years. Rubber flooring is our specialty. Stay tuned for getting to know all our models and their many properties.

  • BeHobby

    BeHobby rubber tiles are a very versatile product. It is suitable for terraces, balconies, backyards, children playgrounds, garage roads, walking paths in your garden, etc.

    Recycled rubber at its best in order to create a nice, safe and polyvalent outdoor space. These environmentally friendly rubber tiles are the best solution when we seek protection for a children playground area at a very contained cost.

    BeHobby Features:


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  • BeFlex

    BeFlex rubber tiles is also a very versatile product. As grooved rubber tiles , they offer a nicer sensation while walking over them and they will protect kids when placed on a playground, thanks to their good impact absorption.

    BeFlex features:

    • Anti-slip surface, even on a wet floor.
    • Pleasant walking feeling.
    • Increase safety for kids.
    • Grooved bottom surface: more flexibil...

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  • BeFlex EPDM

    Our BeFlex EPDM tiles are a durable rubber flooring, manufactured for those who care about increased safety and durability. Choose a more aesthetic solution while you get the benefits of new EPDM granules and their wider color range

    These tiles have been designed to offer a more durable solution for outdoor areas, while the new EPDM granules offer increased safety f...

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