BeFlex 50x50cm grooved base rubber tile for protective, soft floor in children playgrounds and parks.

BeFlex 50x50cm children's playground rubber floor

BeFlex rubber tiles is also a very versatile product. As grooved rubber tiles , they offer a nicer sensation while walking over them and they will protect kids when placed on a playground, thanks to their good impact absorption.

BeFlex features:

  • Anti-slip surface, even on a wet floor.
  • Pleasant walking feeling.
  • Increase safety for kids.
  • Grooved bottom surface: more flexibility and bigger protection against possible falls.
  • Sound insulation: prevents sound to go downstairs when used on terraces and balconies.
  • Resistant to the harsh effects of weather conditions. It provides excellent behavior to high or very low temperatures.
  • Easy cleaning from natural factors.
  • Water does not accumulate since it has a very good water drainage capacity.
  • Installation and dismantling costs are minimal since heavy machinery and materials are not required for installation.
  • Optional pin system connection system.
  • Acts as cushion for equipment such as antennas, solar energy systems, etc.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 



50x50 cm (± 1%)


25mm / 30mm / 40mm / 50mm (± 3%)

Color Options:

Black / Green / Red


Porous, Soft


21 kg (25 mm) / 26 kg (30 mm) / 34 kg (40 mm) / 44 kg (50 mm)


55 ± 3 Shore A

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