BeFlex 50x50cm rubber tile durable grooved bottom for a protective, soft floor in children's playgrounds and parks

BeFlex EPDM 50x50cm durable rubber flooring

Our BeFlex EPDM tiles are a durable rubber flooring, manufactured for those who care about increased safety and durability. Choose a more aesthetic solution while you get the benefits of new EPDM granules and their wider color range

These tiles have been designed to offer a more durable solution for outdoor areas, while the new EPDM granules offer increased safety for kids.

Its non-flammable surface, thanks to our EPDM Class C' Fire-resistant top surface, makes them the best choice for outdoor places where we don't want any risks.

BeFlex EPDM Features:

  • Thanks to the EPDM surface, it provides a softer, more protective rubber flooring for children's playgrounds.
  • Anti-slip surface, even on a wet floor.
  • Pleasant walking feeling.
  • Many color options in top class European made new EPDM surface.
  • Fire resistant: C-Class non-flammable certification.
  • Outstanding protection against the harsh effects of weather conditions. Superb resistance to extreme heat and freezing temperatures. 
  • Easy cleaning against natural factors.
  • Water does not accumulate since it has a very good water drainage capacity.
  • Installation and dismantling costs are minimal since heavy machinery and materials are not required for installation or removal.
  • Optional pin system available for easier installation.

If you need a safe flooring, don't look any further.  BeFlex EPDM durable rubber flooring is the right product for you.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 

Outdoor Area


50x50 cm


25+5mm / 35+5mm / 45+5mm

Color Options:

Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Grey 

Top Surface:

Slightly Porous, Soft

Bottom Surface:

Flat / Grooved, with drainage channel


27 kg (25+5 mm) / 35 kg (35+5 mm)

44 kg (45+5 mm)


60 ± 3 Shore A

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