BeGreen for getting both green space and a soft floor in children's playgrounds or your backyard.

BeGreen 50x50 cm artificial turf with rubber tile

Our BeGreen - Artificial Turf Rubber Floor brings together a superb combination: the aesthetic result provided by artificial turf with the soft feeling of a rubber tile. Our new BeGreen tiles have been designed so you can easily prepare a very good looking area whie you have increased safety for kids. Just imagine a maintenance-free garden that you will be able to set very quickly, without any innstallation cost. 

BeGreen tile properties:

  • Easy and quick installation. It allows you to have a lush green area in minutes.
  • Its grooved bottom surface is flexible and offer increased protection.
  • It has sound isolation features that prevents sound to go downstairs when used on terraces and balconies.
  • It is easily cleaned against natural factors.
  • Water does not accumulate since it has a water-permeable structure.
  • No need of adhesive or machinery for installation.
  • Optionally, it can be installed with a pin system.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 

Outdoor Area


50x50 cm / 50x100 cm / 100x100 cm


15+20 / 20+20 / 25+20 / 30+20 mm

Color Options:

Black + Green

Top Surface:


Bottom Surface:

Flat / Grooved, with drainage channel


18 kg (15mm + 22 mm)

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