Rubber rolls can be used indoors

Rubber rolls can be used indoors

Our rubber rolls for gym flooring which are generally preferred in different indoor sports hall are listed under this category. 

Rubber rolls offer an easy and practical solution for sport centers where there is no need for very heavy weights training. Our different options (Beroll DYNAMIC, Beroll SMYRNA and Beroll FIRE) with their different thickness options are the most practical solution for indoor sport halls. Either it is from recycled SBR rubber or from 100% new EPDM material, BEKA SPORT's Rubber rolls offer an outstanding aesthetic result. Gyms and Fitness centers where weighted step, aerobic, Zumba, and weightless sports activities are performed choose our rubber rolls to get the best results at a reasonable price.

  • BeRoll Dynamic

    Our BeRoll Dynamic rubber roll  has a wide range of usage areas. It is used on the floors of sports halls or gyms. It is also used on the floor when the staff works in front of a counter, on areas where a non-slip floor is needed, and also with protection purposes in shipping warehouses, etc. Plus, its sound absorption and thermal insulation properties make it ideal as insulation material on many different buildings. Available in different thicknesses, fr...

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  • BeRoll Smyrna

    Our BeRoll Smyrna have a wide range of usage areas. This type of rubber rolls are used in sport halls and Fitness centers, counter areas, non-slip areas, etc. Available in different thicknesses (from 4mm to 10mm), EPDM quantities and color options, you will give a colorful tone to your flooring. Make a difference with its combination of recycled black SBR and new EPDM flecks.

    BeRoll Smyrna Features:

  • BeRoll Fire

    Our Beroll Fire rubber rolls are the ideal solution for those looking for the best solution in rubber floor for their Gym, Fitness hall, Boutique Gym, personal training center, etc. It is completely made of EPDM new granules from the best manufacturer in Europe. It can be produced in different thicknesses, from 4 mm to 10 mm, and it has a wide color option (up to 12 different color available). Plus, it has Class C fire resistance according to EN13501. This new EPDM material offers a...

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