Rubber Roll
BeRoll Smyrna Lux

BeRoll Smyrna Lux is a very good looking and durable rubber roll with 35% new EPDM flecks.

BeRoll Smyrna Lux Sports Hall Floor Rubber Roll

BeRoll Smyrna Lux rubber rolls have a wide range of applications. This type of rubber rolls are used mainly in Boutique Gyms, where the aesthetic result is very important, but also in Sport halls, Ice Skating rings, Ice Hockey facilities, Fitness centers, counter areas, non-slip areas, etc. 

It is available in different thicknesses, from 3mm to 10mm, and different EPDM color options. Make a difference with its combination of recycled black SBR and 35% new EPDM flecks.

BeRoll Smyrna Lux Features:

  • Anti-slip surface, even on a wet floor. It creates a pleasant walking feeling and prevents injuries.
  • It provides a more comfortable working environment for the worker since it prevents cold and heat coming from the floor. Ideal for counter areas.
  • As it does not pass electricity. It protects against electrical leaks.
  • It prevents pallets and cargo from slipping during transportation.
  • It provides a superior aesthetic result due to its many color options.
  • It is easily cleaned against natural factors.

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Feature Value

Usage Area: 



120x1000 cm
120x1500 cm
120x2000 cm



Color Options:

Black % 35 Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Gray EPDM Flecks


Slightly Porous, Soft, Smooth


990-1020 kg/m3

Thickness Tolerance:


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