Rubber Roll

BeRoll X-TRA brings new air to commercial rubber flooring. A superb product for meeting all the demands needed.

BeRoll X-TRA

BeRoll X-TRA offers a superb combination for a DO IT ALL flooring.

It is an enviromental-friendly roll with all the properties needed for most places: anti-slip, anti-bacterial, flameproof, waterproof, easy-to-clean and extremely durable.

Due to its superb mechanical properties, you will be able to install a whole system by itself with just one product.    

BeRoll X-TRA solves the usual equation we face when we need to select the proper flooring for a high traffic area where there are very demanding conditions.

Available in 6+2mm and 8+2mm, it is a high performance flooring for very high traffic areas.

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Feature Value




100 x120 cm roll

Thickness / Weight:

12 mm (10mm+2mm)/ 12,8kg/m2

10 mm (8mm + 2mm) / 10,8 kg/m2

8mm  (6mm + 2mm) / 8,8kg/m2



Dimensional stability:

≤ 0.25% (EN ISO 23999)

Abrasion resistance:

Group T

Commercial use:

Class 34 (EN ISO 10874)

Slip resistance (ramp test):

R9 (DIN51130)

Residual indentation

Typical value: 

≤ 0.10 mm (EN ISO 24343-1)

~ 0.03 mm

Colour fastness to light: 

≥ 7 (EN ISO 105-B02/ method 3)

Indoor Air Emissions: TVOC after 28 days: 

≤ 0.01 mg/m3 (EN 16516)

Resistance to chemicals: 

Very good (EN ISO 26987)


Ø 10mm

Use in wet areas: 

YES (EN 13553)

Bacteria resistance: 

Does not support growth (EN ISO 846)

Electrical behavior (antistatic): 

≤ 2.0 kV

Castor chair continuous use: 

Pass (ISO 4918)

Residual indentation

~ 0.02 mm

Reaction to fire

Bfl -s1, L, CS (EN 13501-1)

Thermal conductivity

0.25 W/mK (EN 12524)

Body voltage

≤ 2.0 kV (EN 1815)

Slip resistance

µ ≥ 0.30 (EN 13893)

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